Investors in Peakstone Realty Trust are eyeing legal recourse amid heavy investment losses. A formerly robust real estate vehicle known as Griffin Realty Trust, the company has recently faced a significant lawsuit from its investors.

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This blog post will guide you through the complex saga surrounding this case and offer insights on the potential recovery options available to impacted shareholders. Exciting revelations await, let’s unravel them together!

Key Takeaways

  • Peakstone Realty Trust, formerly known as Griffin Realty Trust, has faced a significant lawsuit from its investors due to investment losses and challenges with financial and operating results.
  • Investors can seek legal recourse by filing complaints against their financial advisors for unsuitable recommendations and understanding the risks associated with non-traded real estate investment trusts (REITs).
  • The suspension of share redemption and distribution programs by Peakstone Realty Trust has raised concerns among shareholders about liquidity and recovery options.


Background and Overview of Peakstone Realty Trust (PKST)

Peakstone Realty Trust (PKST), formerly known as Griffin Realty Trust, has experienced a decline in its net asset value and faced challenges with its financial and operating results.

In Q1 2023, the trust highlighted various issues, including dividends and the refreshment of its board of directors.

Formely Griffin Realty Trust

Peakstone Realty Trust was once Griffin Realty Trust. The trust’s investors faced high losses. This might be due to bad advice from brokers. Later, the trust changed its name and tried to sell shares on the New York Stock Exchange.

But, the value of these shares fell down fast. Now, Peakstone is selling off office buildings and buying factories instead.

Decline in Net Asset Value

Investors in Griffin Realty Trust have experienced a decline in the net asset value of their investments. This means that the overall value of the trust’s assets, such as properties and investments, has decreased.

As a result, investors may have suffered financial losses. The decline in net asset value could be due to various factors such as changes in market conditions or poor management decisions.

It is important for investors to understand the reasons behind this decline and consider their options for seeking legal recourse if they believe they have been harmed by misleading information or unsuitable investment advice.

Q1 2023 Highlights and Subsequent Events

Peakstone Realty Trust (PKST), formerly known as Griffin Realty Trust, has experienced a decline in its net asset value. In the first quarter of 2023, the company reported financial and operating results that were less than favorable.

Additionally, there have been changes to the board of directors and dividend payments. These developments have raised concerns among investors about the future prospects of PKST. It is important for investors to stay informed about these events and consider their options for potential legal recourse if they have suffered losses as a result of investing in PKST.

Financial and Operating Results Summary

Peakstone Realty Trust, formerly known as Griffin Realty Trust, has experienced a decline in net asset value. The company’s Q1 2023 highlights and subsequent events indicate challenges in terms of dividends and board of directors refreshment.

Investors have reported significant losses, potentially due to unsuitable broker recommendations. Additionally, Peakstone Realty Trust is undergoing a management shift, with plans to dispose of office assets and focus on industrial properties.

The trading price of the trust’s shares has been affected by liquidity issues and market conditions.

Dividends and Board of Directors Refreshment

Peakstone Realty Trust, formerly Griffin Realty Trust, has made changes to its dividend policy and board of directors. As part of the company’s efforts to enhance shareholder value, Peakstone has refreshed its board with new members who bring diverse skills and experience.

The company aims to ensure that the board composition aligns with the changing needs of the business and reflects shareholders’ interests. In addition, Peakstone has adjusted its dividend policy in response to market conditions and financial performance.

These measures are designed to optimize returns for investors and strengthen the trust’s position in the real estate market.

Investor Recovery Options

Investors can seek legal recourse through complaints against their financial advisor and understanding the risks associated with non-traded REITs.

Complaints against Financial Advisor

Investors in Griffin Realty Trust have filed complaints against their financial advisors, alleging that they received unsuitable recommendations. These investors claim to have suffered significant losses as a result.

A law firm specializing in investor defense has reported a high success rate in similar cases, indicating the seriousness of the allegations against Peakstone Realty Trust’s financial advisor.

Risks and Problems with Non-traded REITs

Investing in non-traded REITs can have risks and problems for investors. Non-traded REITs are not traded on a stock exchange, which means they lack liquidity. This makes it difficult for investors to sell their shares and access their money when they need it.

Additionally, non-traded REITs may have high fees and commissions that can eat into the returns for investors. Another risk is that the value of non-traded REITs can be subjective and may not always accurately reflect the true market value.

It’s important for investors to carefully consider these risks before investing in non-traded REITs.

Legal Recourse for Investors

Investors who have suffered losses in Griffin Realty Trust may seek legal recourse to recover their investments. Some investors believe that they received unsuitable advice from their financial advisors, leading to significant losses.

They can file complaints against their financial advisor for negligence or misconduct. Non-traded real estate investment trusts (REITs) like Peakstone Realty Trust come with risks and problems, making it important for investors to understand the potential downsides before investing.

In cases where investors believe they were misled or defrauded, they can pursue securities litigation against the company. It is advised that affected investors consult with an attorney specializing in securities law to explore their options and determine if legal action is appropriate in their situation.

Latest Developments and News

Peakstone Realty Trust has recently suspended their share redemption and distribution programs, causing concern among shareholders. Additionally, there has been a tender offer for Griffin Realty Trust, which may have further implications for investors.

Suspended share redemption and distribution programs

Investors in Peakstone Realty Trust are facing further challenges as the company has suspended its share redemption and distribution programs. This means that investors can no longer redeem their shares or reinvest their distributions, impacting their ability to access cash or grow their investment.

The suspension of these programs adds to the concerns surrounding Peakstone Realty Trust and raises questions about the trust’s liquidity and future prospects. With these programs temporarily halted, investors may be left with limited options for recovering their losses.

Tender offer for Griffin Realty Trust

Peakstone Realty Trust, formerly known as Griffin Realty Trust, has recently announced a tender offer for its shares. This means that the company is giving investors the opportunity to sell their shares back to the company at a specified price.

The tender offer can be seen as an attempt by Peakstone Realty Trust to address investor concerns and provide them with an exit strategy if they no longer wish to hold onto their shares.

It remains to be seen how many investors will take advantage of this offer and what impact it will have on the company’s overall shareholder base. However, it is worth noting that this tender offer comes in the midst of a lawsuit filed by disgruntled investors seeking legal recourse for their losses in Griffin Realty Trust.

Impact on shareholders

Investors in Peakstone Realty Trust, formerly known as Griffin Realty Trust, have been significantly impacted by the decline in net asset value and the subsequent lawsuit. With losses reported and potential unsuitable broker recommendations, shareholders are seeking legal recourse.

The suspension of share redemption and distribution programs has also added to their concerns. As this case unfolds, it remains to be seen how shareholders will recover from their investment losses and what actions they can take moving forward.


Investors who suffered losses in Griffin Realty Trust are taking legal action against Peakstone Realty Trust. They are seeking compensation and holding the company accountable for their investment losses.

With the help of dedicated law firms, these investors aim to recover their financial damages through securities litigation.


1. What is the Peakstone Realty Trust lawsuit about?

The Peakstone Realty Trust lawsuit involves investors who seek legal recourse due to issues related to their share redemption program and distribution reinvestment plan.

2. How does the audit complaint affect the office portfolio?

The audit complaint may impact the office portfolio of Peakstone Realty Trust, as it can cause changes in revenue and GAAP EPS.

3. What happens if there’s a public offering during this lawsuit?

In case of a public offering during this lawsuit, it could influence investor trust and might also change outcomes of liquidation or joint venture plans.

4. Can they spin off parts of their business while under litigation?

Yes, Peakstone can spin off parts of its business while under litigation but careful planning is needed to ensure compliance with legal rules.